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Wintergreen Adaptive Sports

11 Grassy Ridge Drive
Roseland, VA 22967

(434) 277-3408

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(434) 277-3408

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The Winter Ski program at Wintergreen Adaptive Sports offers skiing and snowboarding lessons for individuals with a wide range of disabilities including intellectual, developmental, cognitive, and physically disabled, blind and visually impaired, deaf and hearing impaired, and emotionally disturbed.  Adaptive equipment is available for both snowboarding and skiing.  The adaptive skiing equipment available includes:

  • Two Track:  two trackers use two skis and two boots and may use a ski bra attached to the ski tips. Ski bras assist with lateral control and help maintain a consistent ski position.
  • Three Track:  three trackers use one ski and two outriggers with one sound leg and two sound arms.
  • Four Track:  four trackers use two skis and two outriggers to provide four points of contact with the snow.
  • Mono-Ski:  Individuals ski in a sitting position.  Must have good upper body strength.
  • Bi-Ski:  Individuals ski in a sitting position.  Skier sits in a molded fiberglass shell above two specially designed skis.  Two outriggers for balance and turning may be used for independent skiing.
  • Snowboarding:  sit down equipment can be modified to accommodate a snowboard and there are a wide variety of adaptive teaching aids available.

Wintergreen Adaptive Sports is located at Wintergreen Resort.

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