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American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry

P O Box 681
Prospect, KY 40059

(727) 543-4174

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(727) 543-4174

Who We Are

National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia (NTG) offers an online caregiver group discussion for caregivers and families dealing with dementia progression in Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities.   There are many families who are accompanying their loved one with Down syndrome or other Intellectual Disability on the Alzheimer's or dementia journey. Join other family caregivers in regularly scheduled online meetings to discuss your concerns, share your fears and to learn. 

Each group will be limited to 12 family caregiver participants so that everyone has an opportunity to share.  The structure of the meeting will be determined by the participants. If there are more than 12 requests, additional support groups will be added. 


Who We Serve

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No Fee

Other Eligibility Criteria
Down Snydrome caregivers

Available 24/7
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Website is available 24/7

Intake Process
Send an email with the Subject Line NTG Online Support Group. Include the following information: your first and last name; email address; telephone number; age of the loved one you care for and your relationship to that person. You can also include any comments you wish to share about what you hope to gain from being part of an online support group. Also, advise if you are new to GoToMeeting

The link will be sent to you with information about connecting to a Gotomeeting. A reminder email on the day before the meeting will be sent and another one the morning of the meeting. Both will contain the link.
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Jadene S. Randsdell
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(727) 543-4174