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(855) 242-8282
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Adults living in Virginia now have better access to quality, low-cost, and no-cost health insurance. If you live in Virginia and are age 19 to 64 you can submit an application any time during the year to request health care.  There is a screening tool that can help you determine if you meet the income and family size qualifications.  Open the Screening Tool

You can apply in several ways if you qualify. 


Who We Serve

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No Fee

Age Requirements
18 and over
Other Eligibility Criteria
Ages 16-64 who reside in Virginia. Visit the website or call for other eligibility

Available 24/7
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Website is available 24/7

Intake Process
Use the Screening tool to see if you qualify for programs. If so, Call 855-242-8282 to apply or you can apply online at
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(855) 242-8282

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