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Brighter Solutions Medical Transport

17286 Parsons Ridge Road
Beaverdam, VA 23301-5156

(804) 651-8397

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Contact Information

(804) 651-8397

Who We Are

Brighter Solutions Medical Transport provides Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) with a van service that has the capacity to meet special height, clearance, access, and seating, for the conveyance of persons in non-emergency situations.  Please call to learn more or to schedule your ride.

Who We Serve

Languages Spoken
Service Area(s)
Chesterfield County
Hanover County
Henrico County
Richmond City

Cost & Payment Methods

Payment Method(s)
Private Pay
Fee Structure
Fee Range

Age Requirements
No Age Requirement

Intake Process
Call the office. Please call at least 2 or 3 days before you need the ride.
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For Transportation Providers Only:

We can accommodate riders with:
Manual wheelchairs
Powered wheelchairs

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