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10417 Kensington Parkway
Kensington , MD 20895

(301) 933-3722

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(301) 933-3722

Who We Are

The virtual SPIRIT Club platform offers classes led by multiple instructors on screen together, teaching at different levels, so individuals can participate successfully at any ability level. Classes are universally designed so individuals of all abilities can participate in a socially integrated setting. Classes are priced at multiple membership levels to create financially accessible fitness opportunities. An on-demand library of classes and live classes are available. Fitness activities include: 

  • Yoga,
  • Fitness classes,
  • Zumba,
  • Boxing,
  • Themed workouts.
  • Dance,
  • Mindfulness,
  • Nutrition, 
  • Self-advocate led classes.


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Visit the website to join the classes. Call or email for more information.
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(301) 933-3722

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