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Paralyzed Veterans of America

801 Eighteenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

(800) 424-8200

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(800) 424-8200
(866) 734-0857
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(800) 232-1782
(800) 795-4327

Who We Are

The Paralyzed Veterans of America serves as a point of entry for inquiries about obtaining veterans' benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  The Veterans Benefits Department staff works through a national network of offices to provide services to paralyzed veterans, their families, and disabled veterans. These services range from bedside visits to guidance in the VA claims process to legal representation for appealing denied claims.  Free, comprehensive benefits and medical counseling, assistance, and representation are available.  Paralyzed Veterans of America work towards

  • Maximizing the quality of life for its members and all people with Spinal Cord Injury/Disease (SCI/D)
  • Advocating for health care
  • Supporting SCI/D research and education
  • Assisting veterans with their benefits and rights
  • Advocating for the removal of architectural barriers and promoting accessibility in public buildings
  • Promoting sports programs for the disabled

Health Care Hotline is 800-232-1782

Benefits Helpline is 866-734-0857

PVA is an advocate for quality health care for members; civil rights and opportunities that maximize the independence of members; research and education addressing spinal cord and dysfunction.

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